Frustrations and happinesses

We're onto our third full day here and it's been surprisingly hectic. I had vague dreams of spending a week lazing about in bed and watching bad daytime TV. Instead, I've spent the best part of the time touring around open houses, researching and going to banks and trying to figure out how to get a mobile phone when we don't have a frickin' Social Security number.

If I'm honest, it's slightly frustrating. I'm doing everything in my power to be organised and get everything to flow smoothly, but I'm reliant on so many bureaucratic processes that it's just about making me tear my hair out. As far as I can see, I need permission to work to get a Social Security number, but to get permission to work, I need to be put in touch with the attorney from David's work - and for that to happen, I need the people at his work to take time out of their busy work to faff around on my behalf.


Aside for all the administrative pains in the jaxy, I'm enjoying it here. It's been cooler since Saturday, coming in at the mid-high 30s, which is surprisingly pleasant, probably because it's not that humid. Best of all, weather-wise, the sky is the same white-blue as a hot, hot day at home. The Australian sky is one thing I often get homesick for, so this is weirdly important. It also stays light super late, so we've spent evenings outside, drinking awesome local beers and talking after David gets home from work. It's a really lovely, laid-back way to finish the day.

I also saw a squirrel outside the Whole Foods Market yesterday and I nearly exploded with happiness. It really is the littlest of things it seems...

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