Fourth of July

I'm sitting outside in half sun, half shade right now. It's hot but not too bad, although I suspect I'll get burnt. I need a sombrero in this city. My pasty English skin is built for Texas in the same way that it's built for Australia - i.e. it's not.

So, yesterday was Fourth of July. It was David's first day off since arriving and my first day not needing to run around on admin errands. Obviously the logical thing was to sleep in until 11am...

And missed all the parades. Boo.

We drove out to Lake Travis, hoping to get down to the water and walk around. Most of the waterfront is private property though (freaking MASSIVE houses! With TURRETS!), and the parts that you can visit, you have to pay to enter. We ended up at this weird place called the Oasis for a while, which was this weird combination of kitsch meets rustic meets fairytale princess, combined with a bar and a shop that advertised a slightly odd combination of 'Wine Tastings, Cigars and Olive Oil.'

The view was pretty lovely though, although the water level is about 20m lower than usual due to a drought and it was so hot that everything was heat-hazy.

We basically loitered for the rest of the day. My brain still hasn't regained full function yet. There may have been an incident on Wednesday afternoon where I spent about an hour watching episodes of Honey Boo Boo Child.
When I'm tired, I clearly have no shame.
Point being though, I couldn't really figure out where to go or what to do, and neither could David. So we loitered around and drove around and read horoscopes in the Onion over a super cheesy sandwich. My favourite was Leo: 'Don't neglect the spiritual side of your life. Find the best person you know, nail him to a cross and worship him.' Ahem.

Later in the evening, the fireworks display was really pretty decent. I've been thoroughly spoiled by the Sydney ones though, so it's sort of difficult to impress me. Still, it was fun being in a different country for a different celebration, especially with the drunk college girls nearby slurring through the Stars and Stripes. It was kind of like public celebrations at home, only more patriotic.

And today it's the fifth, and I'm back to housing and bank accounts. And, Honey Boo Boo. I'm still pretty tired.

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