Finding home

Here we are, at the start of our third week. This city is still so foreign to us. We drive down these huge roads that look like slightly seedier versions of Parramatta Road, with their huge carparks out front, dodgy finance brokers, pawn shops and used car dealerships. In between, there are fancy restaurants, cafes, doctors, bars, jewellers, petrol stations and tattoo artists. My brain hurts just trying to process it all as we drive by. The malls seem to be the only places with any sense of cohesion, but their vastness and muzak and emptiness during midweek make me feel like I could be murdered by a serial killer at any given moment.

At the moment, all of this seems even more surreal because we're living in such a limbo. Living out of a hotel room long-term is a kind of strange experience which isolates you from reality in a lot of ways. I theoretically could cook in here, but each hotplate is the size of a coffee cup, so it definitely fits in the too hard basket. We've been eating out a LOT, which means a bit less healthy food, a bit more pizza, a bit more burger and a bit more drinking. Also, some of the beer is 8% over here. Ask me how I know...

On the upside though, we have a HOUSE! A house of with 3 bedrooms (!), a beautiful kitchen and a backyard. I'm thrilled. We move in in just two weeks and I think it's going to make a huge difference - we'll be down in a more fun part of town, we'll be able to have a bit more of a structure, and most of all, our own space. Sort of. Except for that clause in the lease which says that the landlord can legally come into our home at any time of their choosing with NO warning. What?! Oh yes. Also, if we're late on our rent, they can come in and take our stuff. Seriously. I mean, I don't think we will be late ever, but I just...This country is weird. Really weird.

Lovely, no? And yes, this image of the inside of our house was online. Also odd.

Anyway though, we have a house. I know what bike I'm going to buy as soon as we move in, and it is beautiful. We just need to get a car now.

"I've got the perfect car for you! It's a 2005 Corolla, 100,000 miles on the clock, $7500 all in! Come see it!"
"Um, half the paintwork on the roof, bonnet and boot has come off?"
"Oh yes! Seen a bit of that Texan sun! They're good cars though, Corolla's"


"So sir, what are you looking for?"
"Well, we're hoping not to spend over $10,000..."
"Can't be done. Don't have anything like that here."
(Me) "Well, we could potentially look at a little more for the right car..."
"Sir, you and your wife there [nods head in my direction] will need to spend at least $15,000"


I think that one might take a little longer.

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