Hello Austin!

After one of the most stressful, hectic and emotionally draining weeks of my life, we finally made it to our new home. Getting here was an insane process though - packing our entire lives into a small storage pod, a few suitcases and a whole lot of bags for the Salvos was a completely surreal and overwhelming experience that took a bazillion gillion times longer than we'd anticipated. Not to mention the heartbreak of having to put this little lady to sleep, as her cancer was clearly spreading faster and causing her more and more pain.

After that, I kept expecting her to appear in the cupboards I'd already cleaned, or to have to chase her out of the neighbours garden while we had the front door open, or go leaping down the hallway ahead of me. It didn't happen and it was really hard.


We have made it to Austin now. It's been crazy hot - it was 42 degrees celsius at 7pm on the day we arrived! We've only been here one full day, but I've been pretty blown away by the friendliness of everyone - even the guy at the climbing store who could not seem to understand me when I said the word 'wall.' Eventually, David tried saying 'Warrl' and the guy was all 'Oh, you mean warrl! I'm so sorry! I thought you were saying war!'

I really think this place will grow on me fast.

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