On Saturday morning, I walked out to get coffee to see a big 'FOR LEASE' sign had been strapped to our front fence. My heart broke just a little. I love our house so much, but in just over a week, it won't be our house any longer. I'm sure we'll find somewhere equally lovely when we get back, but this house was just a bit special to me.

We've begun packing in earnest now. Half our furniture is on ebay and the house is full of cardboard box landmines, ready to trip us at any moment.
I keep finding weird, forgotten items that I didn't unpack when we moved house last time. Like a two year old calendar. Or an ugly, ugly handbag that I thought I'd thrown out years ago.I can't say I'm loving the whole sorting/packing thing, but a little furry someone sure is:

Look at that little rockstar face! She's actually yawning, but whatever. She looks like she's moshing at a Metallica gig. She is LOVING the boxes.

T minus 8 days to go.

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