On flights, visas and poo

On Wednesday morning, we went to the US Consulate for our Visa interview. The interview itself was pretty limited - most of the time was spent in an overheated, bureaucratic sardine can with about 60 other applicants, getting the occasional whiff of poo.

Me: I keep smelling...poo...or something
David: I can't smell anything.
Me: I smelt it downstairs too. This whole building smells like poo. It's overwarm and stinky.
David: Sure you haven't just pooed yourself?
Me: *eye roll*

5 minutes later...

Me: Oh.  Oh dear.  I know why it smells like poo.
David: Because you did poo yourself?
Me: Nope.  There's a great big turd on the bottom of my boot.

So, that was a thing that happened. And was a little gross.
Other than that though, they've verbally given us approval for the Visa and we should be getting our passports back soon. Our flights are also booked.

Seeing that flight confirmation form was quite a shock (by which I mean slight hyperventilation at my desk).  It's not like it should have been, it's not like all this is a surprise.  But just now, the reality is starting to sink in a little.

You could ask me how I feel about that, but I'd tell you I don't really know.

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