On the end of work

Two weeks, two days.

Our Visas arrived yesterday. My Visa code? E-3D. D is for Dependent. Thanks for making me feel like a rockstar, America!  I think David is pretty great, but being his dependent? Nooooooooope.

Only three days left of my job now. I'll miss it. I'll miss my team members who bless me when I sneeze, no matter how bad my hay cat fever. I'll miss watching the weather changing its moods over the harbour, I'll miss Margaret's cakes, I'll miss snarking on those who do drive-by thefts of our lollies.  I'll miss the Network who were so supportive and friendly when I started and who have been almost universally lovely. The job before this one nearly broke me, and this one has put my work-sanity back together.

I'm not so sure about this whole being-a-housewife-until-the-US-Government-says-I-can-work thing. I'm borderline ferocious about my independence. Having to rely on someone else financially almost makes my skin crawl. But, I'm starting to see the good sides. Time to write! And bake! And explore!

I'm almost, almost starting to look forward to those three months of all the time in the world.

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